Afrocat here!
Hello, and Thank You for coming to check out my campaign! 
I’m a DJ, Selector, Radio Show Host & Musical Curator, and I’ve been working in the wonderful world of music, and spinning professionally, all over the world, all the way since ‘99!
My style is intergalactic funk, disco, jazz, psychedelic, afrobeat, and slinky, space age, retro 70’s soundtracks. I perform at gigs frequently, and host my radio shows – the Blaxploitation Lounge on Slack City and Threads, and have my Afrocat show over on Aaja. I’ve also recently launched my fabulous ‘Blaxploitation Lounge…Live!’ club events this summer in Brighton, UK, where I’m currently based.


This project brings together my lifelong passions for music, culture, and bringing people together to spread some happiness, positivity & love! 

Afrocat’s Lost Tracks: Accra to Addis is a compilation album of vintage Afro jazz, psychedelic, funk, afrobeat and highlife tracks. As a 1st generation half Ghanaian & half-Trinidadian, I grew up surrounded with vast and varied styles of music, and all the 70’s equipment and styles I could wish for! Now, armed with a suitcase record player, in my best retro safari suit, I’m ready to head off to Mama Africa, to uncover some very special tracks for myself. 

I’ll be doing some research to shine a light on pioneering women musicians at the time in those countries, too. 

The amazing collection of music I find from my travels, and from much crate-digging in Ghana & Ethiopia, will be released on lovely vinyl and be available on digital download, to launch the Blaxploitation Lounge label with this very first record. 


My official goal is £4225 to enable me to reach my destination for 10 days each in Accra and Addis Ababa, research, compile and release the album. This includes, very importantly, paying the artists a fair contract fee, and for the remastering of the music – just enough to keep the essence, but enhance and optimise the sound quality. 

My dream project would enable me to stay longer in each destination – 30 days, to enable me to follow more leads, and find more tracks to produce a double vinyl album – twice as nice! – get involved performing in gigs out there (I’m already confirmed for the Asa Baako festival in Ghana), go on a UK + Beyond Album Launch Tour of 6 locations involving live musicians, visuals, and all sorts of wonderful shenanigans, film/edit a Mini Documentary of my exploits, and receive a contribution fee towards my many hours work for this project. This would cost closer to £18,000.


I’ve spent a fair bit of time lovingly putting together these rewards in a way I feel will really value and thank you deeply for your contribution to this project, that is very much a life-changer for me…so I hope you agree, and enjoy them! 

The goodies on offer include;

  1. * Hot off the press! Your very own signed copy of the album you’ve helped produce – on vinyl, cd, or digital download
  2. I Bring the Show to YOU! A Special, In-Person Private Performance, Courtesy of Afrocat, at the Location of Your Choice
  3. Cocktails + Dinner with moi!
  4. Producer Credits
  5. VIP Access tickets to any of the Launch Party Tour Shows (Choose from Brighton, London, Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cork (& potentially more locations to be added)
  6. Exclusive Branded Blaxploitation Lounge/Afrocat Slipmats x 2
  7. Special Edition Record Messenger Bag
  8. Personalised Original DJ Mix by Afrocat
  9. Branded Premium Hoodies, Shot Glasses, Zippo Lighter, Musical Vinyl Coasters
  10. Thank You shoutouts, Cosmic Hugs & Tracks Dedicated just for you on my socials for @AfrocatMusic and @Blaxploitation_Lounge …and more!


Please check FAQs for details about music perks estimated delivery.

Should I not reach my entire goal in this campaign, the funds I do raise will still go towards the creation of this album, the fulfilment of rewards that you, as my backer,  will be happy with, and a release for the launch of the record label. I will work with the amount I am blessed with to see this through to the best of my ability, resourcefulness, and ingenuity!

When will my music perk be delivered?

Estimated delivery of music perks is May 2024 for both digital and vinyl mediums. Please do take a look at my schedule in the faq below to see more.

What if my rewards package includes a mix of music and merch?

The merch will be delivered asap, hopefully before Christmas, depending if you pledge early enough. The music perks as the faq above

What is your schedule for this project?

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be in Ghana and Ethiopia from January. Following my gig at the Asa Baako festival in Ghana in March, I’ll return to the UK to continue clearing the artist rights and setting up associated royalty payments to them, remaster the tracks, arrange for vinyl pressing, and launch the UK + Beyond Album Launch Tour in May.

Woo! I’ve got VIP Launch Event Shows - where can I attend?

You are welcome to attend any of them! Travel & accommodation costs you might have aren’t included, but why not make a weekend out of it in a fun city?!


Without your contribution this album may not happen, and that would be a very sad thing. So sad, I don’t want to even contemplate that possibility! There is currently no Black female DJ I’m aware of in this space, curating and creating albums in these genres, so you would be supporting a first. I want this to be a project open to collaboration and ownership from multi-disciplinary artists, record labels, poets, social entrepreneurs, activists, and creatives who are inspired to get involved in some way, so this project has the potential to evolve in some really exciting ways to a wider audience, with even more love. Afrocat’s Lost Tracks: Accra to Addis will explore this musical scenes of highlife, afrobeat, afro-psychedelia, afro-jazz, disco and funk that emerged from this infinitely creative, magnificent continent, to highlight the artists and sounds that have inspired and influenced a multitude of generations and genres.

The compilation is really the culmination of 23 years…and counting… of DJing and Selecting, that has already led me to unearth – and share – some very rare music. My passion for endless crate-digging, reaching for the roots, jumping down…and burrowing – as many rabbit holes as I can, and sharing the unrivalled heart, power, and quality that music possesses; has led to me DJing all over the world. The era of the tunes I’m seeking, are from a time when many previously colonised countries were gaining independence, beginning with Ghana, and the Civil Rights Movement was at its peak. The music of that time encompasses the hopes, joy, freedom, and struggles encountered, and the optimism to overcome them, and presents a whole experience through an overriding spirit of unity, love, and progress in the hypnotic grooves, polyrhythms, heartfelt lyrics, and originality of the people. This is a time-capsule of energy we could always do with more of, I believe! There is an exponentially-growing appetite for these genres, and a re-emergence in popularity for the wonderful medium of vinyl – amongst DJ’s as well as listeners and appreciators of music. 

Ah, I could go on forever 

But! For now, if you’ve made it this far, I’d like to think this sounds exciting to you too. Please do pledge now, and then share – if you can, and if you are moved to make this happen. You will be part of something that has great potential of being special and successful. You would be so much appreciated 


If you just can’t contribute, but love the sound of this album, your support in helping me to get the word out, and making some noise about my campaign, would be very, very much appreciated, too.

Do join me on my socials, and website and share my news!

And remember Dear All, this campaign runs for a limited time of 28 days. 

I get some marketing help from Indiegogo if my project is 10% there in the first 48 hours (by Oct 16th!)…so please do pick a reward package, pledge, & share away now…you’ll be making my dream come true! 

My eternal gratitude, 

Afrocat xx

One Love, Bless


Perhaps, it depends on the venue and my associated costs. I’d be happy to have a chat to see what I can do, and at least offer your pals a discount!

They’re tbc, but currently the tour will include Brighton, London, Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cork, with potentially more locations to be added, in the UK + beyond…

Well, I’m glad you asked! I’ll be posting regular updates right here and on my socials and website, and I’d love to have you join me on there